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Face of Furry Creek Marathon and Season 2 Preview

25 Aug

Season 2% of The Face of Furry Creek officially debuts on September 8th so it’s time to refresh your memory or catch up if you haven’t watched to show yet. Luckily, OUTtv is holding a Season 1 marathon Sunday, August 31st from 8pm-11pm! But that’s not all. Right after the marathon, they are showing the first episode of Season 2% early as a sort of “sneak peek” for the fans! So mark your calendars, set your PVR’s and get plenty of 2% Milk and Vodfee for the Furry Creek Season 1 Marathon and Season 2% preview!

Season 2 of The Face of Furry Creek debuts September 8, 2014

10 Aug


Toronto, Ontario – August 6th, 2014:  MKW Productions Inc., with the participation of OUTtv Network and the Bell New Media Fund, are pleased to announce the release of the second season of the television series and online companion project “The Face of Furry Creek” beginning Monday, September 8, 2014 8:30pm ET/7:30 PT on OUTtv Network and www.faceoffurrycreek.com.

Created by comedy writer, producer and actor Mark Kenneth Woods, the second season of the scripted comedy series follows a mountain resort community whose tourists are leaving in droves. It’s time to create a new tourism campaign to get those visitor dollars back! And what better way to find a tourism ambassador than a local reality show contest? With old favourites and plenty of new faces in town, 5 candidates compete, lie and cheat their way to becoming the new “Face of Furry Creek”.

A critical and ratings success, the second season promises even more laughs as Mark Kenneth Woods plays an astonishing 9 characters! Michael Venus, Amy Goodmurphy and Ryan Steele (currently starring on Amazing Race Canada) also return in multiple roles (and genders). Woods again wrote all 6 episodes of the new season which includes a musical episode, a parody of Duck Dynasty‘s “freedom of speech” fiasco and there’s even a plotline mirroring Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s antics.

In a unique melding of platforms, in each television episode, the fictional contestants are asked to create various videos that are then posted on our new media companion project www.faceoffurrycreek.comDesigned as the fictional contest website, each week the audience will have access to brand new, website-exclusive videos that they have seen the characters work towards in the television series. All for free.

The television series will air Mondays at 8:30pm ET/ 7:30 PT on OUTtv Network in Canada beginning September 8th, 2014 with the related digital media being posted during each new weekly episode. The first season is also available on gaydirect.com and will be added to iTunes  Canada, US, UK, France, Brazil and other territories soon.

You can watch The Face of Furry Creek – Season 2% trailer now!

Face of Furry Creek Heading to iTunes and More

15 Apr

MKW Productions has signed a deal to bring The Face of Furry Creek to iTunes and the brand new LGBT online channel GayDirect.

Previously available exclusively on TV in Canada, the 1st season of the show will soon be available in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia via iTunes and GayDirect as well as MexicoFranceSpainItalyBrazilJapan and South Korea via GayDirect. More territories should also be added prior to it’s release.

The 1st season will be available online before the debut of Season 2 on OUTtv early this summer. Exact release dates to be announced soon.

Face of Furry Creek – Season 2% in Production

14 Mar

Just a quick update on Furry Crack. Mark has just been hiding indoors writing away on season 2% of The Face of Furry Creek and let us tell you, it’s even weirder and funnier than season 1. You can expect many of your favourite characters to return alongside several new characters. We just shot the first half of season 2% in Whistler, British Columbia and, while we can’t reveal too much, here are a couple pics from the shoot. Want to see more of us weirdos as we shoot? Best way to do so is to join Furry Creek’s InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages! More news coming soon.

MKW’s Documentary “Outspoken: Is The Village Dying?” Airing November 28th on OUTtv

18 Nov

Mark and Michael were busy over the course of the summer talking to people in Toronto about the current state of our city’s “gay village“. It has been a hot button topic for a couple years now with little consensus. With equal rights in Canada, including same-sex marriage, and a younger generation of LGBTQ people no longer feeling threatened in the streets or in mainstream bars and nightclubs, filmmaker Mark Kenneth Woods sought out to explore whether or not we still need queer neighbourhoods or queer spaces?

With co-producer Michael Venus in tow, the boys ventured out to get a variety of opinions from prominent queer people in Toronto including former The Grid columnist Paul Aquirre-Livingston (who wrote the polarizing article “Dawn of a New Gay” in 2011), city councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam, former 1 Girl, 5 Gays cast member and party promoter Michael Yerxa and many more. As a number notable businesses in Toronto’s own Church and Wellesley Village closed their doors during filming this summer and Toronto prepares to host World Pride in 2014, Mark’s documentary asks: Is the village dying?

The documentary will air as part of OUTtv‘s new doc-series “Outspoken” on Thursday, November 28th at 8pm ET/9pm PT and repeat throughout the week. Check OUTtv’s website for more details. Also watch out for the documentary at a festival near you. Details TBA.

Toronto skyline from Toronto Centre Island.

Church Street Mural Project. Artist: Lily Butter.


25 Jul

While we are in the midst of the re-airing of “The Face of Furry Creek“, we don’t want to spoil too much, but it looks like there has been trouble in paradise since the show aired the first time. We posted this unofficial video of Furry Creek’s bros seriously bonding in a parody of the greatest music video in the history of life: Destiny’s Child‘s “Girl“. Our version is appropriately called “Gurl“.

Switch it to HD!

Here’s the original DC music video for comparison.

Furry Creek: From The Beginning

15 Jul

As if the first time wasn’t enough, you can now watch “The Face of Furry Creek” all over again on OUTtv starting tonight July 15th and running right through again until August 19th. The show will re-run in its original time slot of Mondays at 9pm et/pt with repeats throughout the week. Check OUTtv for times.

Watch the show that Blouin ArtsInfo called “gutsy satire that deserves more attention” and Homorazzi called “clever and entertaining…I’m hooked”. And let’s not forget omgblog‘s articulate “Furry Creek (is) the sort of place where its right eyes looks in one direction whilst the left eye flits around a lot…I just can’t stop twerking to it“. Oh, just watch it already. It’s actually really good. And don’t forget to check out the contestants’ photos, blog posts and 36 additional videos online!

“The Face of Furry Creek” Season Finale Tonight

8 Jul

The Face of Furry Creek episode 6 entitled simply “The Face” debuts tonight Monday, July 8th on OUTtv in Canada. The episode will air at 9pm ET/PT which is also when the final week of the “Online Experience” content is uploaded.

In the season 1 finale of the series, the final 3 contestants are asked to participate in a live TV interview at Channel 12′s studio. You may remember, due to an embarrassing stint in informercialsDeb is deathly scared of being on live TV again. But never fear, Sisi will help give her even more anxiety. Meanwhile, Liz continues her search for GregPetunia does some last minute shopping and Guy gets laid. Most importantly, a winner is announced and their Furry Creek Tourism commercial debuts!

The winner’s tourism commercial and a hilarious reunion special go online at www.faceoffurrycreek.com tonight as well.

Episode 6 will also repeat throughout the week so check OUTtv‘s website for other show times if you miss it Monday.

The series is, of course, available in HD on the cable providers that carry it. You can find a handy chart here or below.

For now, you can watch a 50 second preview of episode below. (Switch it to HD for better quality)

“The Face of Furry Creek” Episode 5 This Week

1 Jul

The Face of Furry Creek episode 5 entitled “Sex and the Diversity” debuts tonight Monday, July 1st on OUTtv in Canada. The show will air at 9pm ET/PT which is also when the fifth week of the “Online Experience” content is uploaded.

In another awesome episode of the series, the finalists are asked to find diversity in Furry Creek. To a normal person this sounds easy but this is Furry Creek remember. Their diversity consists of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants and one white French guy named Guy. So the contestants get dirty trying to find any tiny bit of diversity they can and, in the process, someone in Furry Creek is caught on an online gay dating app! The drama tonight I tell ya.

The finalists’ diversity photos go online at www.faceoffurrycreek.com along with an episode 5 recap video and interview with Liz Lipinski.

Episode 5 will also repeat throughout the week so check OUTtv‘s website for other show times.

The series is, of course, available in HD on the cable providers that carry it. You can find a handy chart here or below.

For now, you can watch a 50 second preview of episode below. (Switch it to HD for better quality)

“The Face of Furry Creek” at Toronto Pride

26 Jun

The Face of Furry Creek” will be out and about during this year’s Toronto Pride festivities! Channel 12′s Mario Mancini and Brenda Bergman, (otherwise known as Mark Kenneth Woods and Michael Venus) will be hosting OUTtv‘s media wall Thursday, June 27th through Saturday, June 29th at Cawthra Park Square, 519 Church Street.

The infamous Furry Creek newscasters will be out of their comfort zone in the big city but they’ll be on hand to make sure you feel like a star when you get your picture taken at OUTtv’s official media wall. And if these two clowns aren’t a draw, how about all the amazing talent you can watch all weekend as part of the Green Space parties. All for FREE! Oh, let’s see, there’s Rupaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon, her friends Alyssa EdwardsShangelaLady Bunny, legendary DJ Frankie KnucklesDJ Ana PaulaDJ Alison Calagna and more!

Thursday, June 27th 8-10:30pm
Friday, June 28th 8-10:30pm
Saturday, June 29th 3-6pm, 8-9:30pm

Check out the green space website for all the info and happy pride!